The Claims Filing Deadline has passed.

Watts Toilet Connector claims that are subject to this nationwide class action are now time-barred under the terms of a class action

A settlement was reached with Watts Water Technologies, Inc. and Watts Regulator Co. (“Watts”) regarding Toilet Connectors with Coupling Nuts made with acetal plastic designed, manufactured, or distributed by Watts between 1999 and July 2009. Acetal is a type of plastic material.

Notice of this nationwide class action settlement was provided through several different channels as part of a plan that was approved by the Court. (Final Order, at p. 5 ¶ 15.) The window to make a claim against the settlement fund has closed.

As such, class members and their carriers are barred from making any sort of claims against Watts. (Final Order, at p. 7 ¶ 22 (extending the injunction to those who are entitled to make claims in the name or right of class members).)

The Settlement Agreement and the Final Order can be found on the Important Documents tab.

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